Nursing Homes in New York

New York Nursing Homes by City:BuffaloNew YorkRochesterSyracuseYonkers

New York Nursing Homes by City:

BuffaloNew YorkRochesterSyracuseYonkers

Nursing Home Quality

There are 631 nursing homes in New York State. New York demonstrates "Strong” quality of care in nursing home settings, though quality has declined over time.

Average nursing hours (per resident per day) in nursing homes is 3.8 in New York State versus 3.9 in the U.S. overall. New York nursing homes have an average of 7.2 deficiencies compared to 9.4 in the country as a whole. 17.7% of nursing homes in New York have serious deficiencies compared to 23.4% of homes across the nation.

Cost of Nursing Home Care

The average daily cost of care for nursing homes in New York State is $356 for a semi-private room and $368 for a private room.

The average daily cost of care in New York City is $388 (semi-private) and $396 (private). The average daily cost of care in Rochester is $336 (semi-private) and $348 (private). The average daily cost of care in Syracuse is $335 (semi-private) and $342 (private).

Health Care Quality

Health care in New York State is of “Average” quality in comparison to other states, and has slightly declined in quality in recent years.

Context is important when trying to understand New York’s ranking. For the most part, the state ranks “middle-of-the-road” in terms of demographics, health status and resources with two exceptions: New York has a high proportion of people on Medicaid and with poor mental health. These factors balance each other out and contribute to a rating that is on the lower end of “Average”.

Quality of Life

Weather: In New York State, average monthly temperatures range from 20.65 – 68.66 degrees Fahrenheit. The average number of days of rainfall in New York is 141 days. The % average possible sunshine in New York ranges from 46% in Syracuse to 58% in New York City. Air quality in the major cities and metropolitan areas in New York State tends to be fairly poor. Albany and New York City received a grade of “D” and Westchester County received a grade of “F” in terms of high ozone days.

Cost of Living: Cost of living, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, is 10% higher in the New York – Northern New Jersey – Long Island area as compared to the U.S. city average.

Crime: New York State experiences 385.5 violent crimes per 100,000 people, compared to 439.7 for the U.S. overall.

Attractions: There are 22 national parks and 270 national historic landmarks in New York State.

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